Paws Up: Google Chrome Commercial Featuring Lady Gaga and Her Fan Community of “Little Monsters”

The fact that I am about to blog about a commercial is seriously baffling to me right now, but here goes nothing. The last time I upgraded my cable plan seemed to be worth the extra costs because DVR was included in the package. Finally having access to my favorite shows and programs at any time, on my own time, with just the click of a button was supposed to be the solution to all of my television viewing problems and annoyances. Well, maybe just one problem and one annoyance… COMMERCIALS!


I have NO patience for the damn things and they have been known to ruin my entire television viewing experience, which in itself is supposed to be a time of couch bound laziness, grab a snack, worry-free viewing pleasure. But no, I somehow seem to let commercial advertising ruin ALL of that. It’s gotten to the point where the upgrade is probably just a waste of my money. I hardly have any shows that I keep up with from week-to-week anymore, and those that I do watch are available online with advertisements I’ve learned to tolerate, with the help of breathing exercises, yoga, and meditation… kidding. Maybe. Even when I do use the DVR, I somehow seem to forget that I’m not watching live television and that the obnoxious Sandals Resort ad that is taunting my pale ass in the middle of the winter can be fast-forwarded. Or how about when I do watch live television… then comes the problem of trying to fast-forward commercials when the option is not available or virtually even possible. It’s a remote control, Maria! Not a freakin’ magic wand! It’s over-the-top levels of cheesiness such as jewelry commercials that simply just drive me up the wall. Every kiss begins with “K” can kiss my ass. And if my man goes to Jared, well, I guess he doesn’t know me that well after all — Vintage, please and thank you. Even the Super Bowl’s commercials have been a letdown in recent years, but I will give credit to all of those beer ads that never fail to make me chuckle — you are good in my book and apparently I’m within your demographic… which I’m afraid might be immature humor geared toward sick minded dudes, but I think I can live with that.

SIDEBAR: Dr. Pepper, you were my beverage of choice. But we are not, I repeat, NOT on speaking terms right now. Until you apologize to 51% of the population and find a way to fix this mess, I’ll be giving my money to my good friend Bud Light and other consumable products that know how to treat a lady right. Ladies especially, if you have no idea what I’m referring to here, I suggest you watch this and then perhaps go burn a bra… or some shit like that:

Google Chrome and Lady Gaga, my light at the end of the tunnel:

I was flipping channels the other day in a rare state of patience and diligence when something caught my eye — it was a Google Chrome commercial featuring Lady Gaga, her fans, and the hit song “Edge of Glory.” Not only does Google manage to drive home a product, it delivers it in a unique way that is visually and soundly appealing; incomparable to anything else out there right now. Google Chrome and Lady Gaga make complete sense in this pairing because Google is promoting a product based on the fundamental that the web is what you make of it. Google Chrome explains Gaga’s fan base as one of the world’s largest fan bases and a community that she can talk directly and openly to. This commercial is supposed to be a celebration of the special relationship she shares with her fans, the ‘Little Monsters.’ Google Chrome describes the making of this film as a “demonstration of the power of the web in its own right.”

“Within hours of the release of her new single ‘Edge of Glory’ on May 9th, fans began uploading videos on YouTube, making the song their own by dancing to it, singing it and playing it on all kinds of instruments. Lady Gaga then posted a message on her website asking for more videos to be used in the film project. Fans responded within minutes and uploaded hundreds more videos.”

As far as I’m concerned, Google Chrome and Lady Gaga have both captured my attention as well as my interest, and we all know that’s not easily obtained in the realms of commercial advertising. Creative points have been won here, but that’s been an obvious given from the beginning. What really raises the bar is the emphasis put on the consumer and ultimately, THE FAN. Anytime the fans get to shine is customer loyalty at its best. When the fans feel important and valued is essentially when your product becomes important and valued; whether that fan be a Little Monster purchasing a concert ticket to see Mother Monster on tour, or a Google Chrome browsing enthusiast making the most of the web.

What are other products or services that excel in customer loyalty? And do they have an original marketing scheme or perhaps a unique advertisement that somehow puts the fan in the spotlight? The product is for them after all, so why not let them help sell it? Leave a comment! Paws up, y’all!

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