To a Year of Music in 2011

A year has passed sine I made the transition over to Mac and took interest in the the creative endeavor of video making. With practice and patience, I have grown to absolutely love iMovie. It was a year ago exploring the ins and outs of this program that I began a tradition that I find myself continuing once again, as another 365 days have come and gone. With more experience and editing techniques under my belt, “To a Year of Music in 2011” picks up where “To a Year of Music in 2010” left off. In just under fifteen minutes, this video chronicles the majority of live music taken in by my concert going self over the past 12 months. I hope you enjoy the random mashup that makes up my 2011 concert outings… I mean, where else can you find Grace Potter, Bono, Britney, Eddie Vedder, and a slew of country music’s best?

You know, video footage really doesn’t serve any good collecting dust just sitting on a hard drive. So I figure, why not use it in a fun way to highlight some incredible times had? These memories will continue to entertain while I anxiously await tour dates and anticipate future adventures. So, here’s to all of the ticket transactions, set lists, and new productions to come in 2012. The music plays on in the new year! Make sure to keep it here.

Who did you go see play live in 2011? Anyone blow you away? Anyone not blow you away? And lastly, who are you dying to see or dying to see again in 2012? Leave a comment!

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