MSU New Media Drivers License

Happy 2012! I hope the new year is treating everyone well. It’s an exciting time for me as graduation quickly approaches and I begin to wrap up my time at Michigan State. In the fall, I was excited to make the move over to WordPress from Blogger with the brand new personal domain. Not only did the transition provide a new home to my music and entertainment blog, but it also provided a great platform to develop a personal website where people can get to know me as an individual, as well as a writer and the young professional that I am. I was thrilled to have the opportunity to earn independent study credits while launching the blog and site, but this semester I’m excited to continue what I’ve started, while gaining a great foundation of knowledge in MSU’s New Media Drivers License course. While blogging on the class site as well as on individual blogs, like this one here, I look forward to what all of my classmates have to contribute. There is so much to be learned from all industries implementing new media and digital strategics into what they do for their own unique brand. It’s going to be a great ride, so make sure to keep checking back!

New blog posts are on the way as well! And as always, if there’s anything you’d like me to touch on or write about, make sure to leave a comment or contact me.

My MSU New Media Drivers License profile on the class website.

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