Shenanigans Rewind: The Limited Edition Annie Clements T-Shirt Tie-Dying Venture

In this shenanigans feature, we are rewinding back a little ways to a very crafty (and messy!) moment in time: The Limited Edition Annie Clements T-Shirt Tie-Dying Venture! Try saying that five times fast… no, really, try it. Whew!

Now I am no Martha Stewart, nor am I a Pinterest project pro — but it’s fair to say that every so often, I am known to get my craft on, people! And I guess if I have to declare a specialty, then I suppose tie-dying it is! After all, I am my mother’s child and one of Ann Arbor’s own… so I guess it’s only appropriate, right?

A little bit about the venture and this fantabulous, classic retro art:

Many of you might know my dear friend Annie Clements for her kick ass bass playing and harmonizing vocals in the Sugarland band — but when she’s not touring or busy strategizing/making records with Sorted Noise, she can often be found at home in Nashville getting her craft on, too! You see, Annie is also quite the crafty concoctor, and us crafty folk have to stick together! This commonality is where we teamed up one summer to join forces.

Clementine Industries is Annie’s very own jewelry line featuring one-of-a-kind creations such as bracelets, necklaces, earrings, you name it! Made by Annie herself, many of these special tokens feature guitar picks in a fun variety of colors and styles — way cool! Check ’em out HERE. Another popular item are the “Annie t-shirts” and for an exclusive time, fashioned my very own tie-dye designs. Annie and I brainstormed, she shipped them up to me, I dyed them on a hot July day (with the help from my brother and partner in crime Cy Abdelnour), shipped them back to Annie, and BOOM — they became available to all of you. Thank you to everyone who purchased one of the t-shirts, and a big thanks to Annie for bringing me on board! I had a blast, let’s do it again sometime!

BOOM: Annie modeling one of the pink and blue designs for the ladies tees.

It’s interesting how something as simple, and something as enjoyable as tie-dying can become such a wonderful creative endeavor, especially on the business front. Since the tie-dying venture, I have begun to put a lot of thought into ways merchandising can support music, the message behind a song, and ultimately the overall brand for many of the clients and artists I now work with. Something like a piece of jewelry, a t-shirt, or even a limited edition fragrance or guitar pick can say so much more than just the item it simply is: When made with purpose and a clever design, it can say so much more and speak incredible volumes — there’s a story to be told and with a little bit of creativity and craft, that story can most certainly travel distances.

Music, fashion, and the undeniable power of collaborative teamwork: Now that for me is art at its finest, and ultimately what it’s all about. These works are meant to be shared and enjoyed together, and that’s something we can all celebrate; appreciate — very special, indeed!

I leave you with this… the official iMovie trailer for The Great Tie-Dye Venture — enjoy:

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