God Bless the ’90s

Matchbox Twenty with the Goo Goo Dolls in concert last night at DTE was like revisiting those days of my childhood when I first fell in love with music and acquired an ear for songs that connect in big ways. It’s as if someone pointed me in the direction of those two bands and said, “Hey kid, listen to this, you might need it someday.” I can tell you I most certainly listened, and I’m so glad that I did — I might not have realized it at the time, but I think that might be kind of the whole point.

Thanks to a favorite babysitter in the ’90s for introducing me to VH1 at an early age and for serving as that important voice that probably pointed me in the right direction. I always knew those Friday night marathons of Pop-Up Video trivia mattered while we passed time waiting for my parents to come home from date night. Obviously it all mattered, because somehow I still remember it like it was yesterday. Long story short: Last night was incredibly nostalgic and I’m super grateful I got to witness those two bands together on one stage. Oh, and Rob Thomas still has it going on, not that there was ever a doubt. I swear, the man does not age! I might love him even more now at 25 then I did when I was 10. That sounds so wrong, but at least I pick the good ones!

Talk about a concert high… whew.

God bless the ’90s.



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