And we’re back with an all-new lyric video for Sugarland’s Kristian Bush: Watch the premiere of “Light Me Up” exclusively on ET!

Super excited to share the 5th Kristian Bush lyric video I’ve had the pleasure of working on with my beyond amazing brother, Cy. “Light Me Up” is the second single from KB’s debut solo album, ‘Southern Gravity’. It was filmed in both Ann Arbor, MI (hometown) and Nashville, TN (new home), and I just love how it captures both of my cities. Talk about the best of both worlds, right? Each one of these lyric videos has been such an incredible and rewarding process — I’m so thankful to have been a part, and can’t even begin to explain how special it has been to team up with my very own sibling in such a unique and creative way.

Thanks so much to Entertainment Tonight for the write-up and the exclusive premiere of the video. Check out the full article HERE. I’ll also embed the video below. Enjoy!

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