The Material Girl: “What Was I Thinking?”

Madonna: I’ve pretty much grown up with her music. Mainly because she is who my mother listened to and therefore, she is who I listened to. Simple as that. Madonna was always a favorite, even from an early age. No matter how much her music and image have changed and evolved over time, I will always think this woman is fabulous. The media may portray her in every way imaginable, but the efforts she makes for humanity are beyond generous. Without even considering contributions based on fame and money, I truly believe her heart is in the right place and never solely about the attention. Madonna is and will always be an icon.

A quote I’ve been visiting a lot lately actually happens to be from when MTV sat down with and interviewed Madonna for the documentary special, Britney: For The Record. MTV cameras followed Britney Spears post-breakdown and prior to the release of the album ‘Circus’ in the fall of 2008 to allow Britney, under her request, the chance to explain for herself everything that had unfolded in the past year or so. Britney is a whole other book of thoughts, childhood memories, and nostalgia for another time — after all, she was my very first concert EVER, when I was just 12 years old. But anyways, although this quote comes from one of the most media hungry and mainstream popular culture public eye fiascoes of recent times, I still believe there is still a lot of valid truth behind the statement. It is relative beyond shaven heads, fake British accents, and paparazzi umbrella attacks. “What was I thinking?” is a significant lyrical theme in Madonna’s song “Human Nature” which she chose with legitimate reason for Britney at the time to perform with her live in Los Angeles. “What was I thinking?” is a natural and healthy response when examining life and decisions made, particularly poor decisions made. Asking these questions to one’s self is the first step in creating change, and ultimately a better future. Regret does not have to be permanent. In the end, it is important to always know that “I” still have control, and in fact, “I” am in charge.

“Absolutely, there’s always a reason. I think ‘what was I thinking?’ is the first question a person who starts to examine themselves asks themselves, because up until that point life is a series of random events and life is just what happens to you. And then one day you wake up and you go ‘No, actually I have control over my destiny, actually things do happen for a reason, actually there is order in the Universe…’ And when you start tuning into that frequency you do have a tendency to go look back and go ‘My God, what was I thinking?’ And that’s a healthy response.”

Britney: For the Record (2008) – An excerpt from when MTV cameras sat down with Madonna, before Britney made a guest appearance on a tour date in Los Angeles with a surprise performance of “Human Nature.”

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