Rock and Roll Hearts: A New Take on Wedding Videos

Perhaps I’ve been watching way too much Say Yes to the Dress, or maybe I’m just overly excited for my cousin’s big New Year’s Eve wedding in Florida in just a few short weeks. Whatever it may be, there is no denying my love for love, and my current obsession with all things matrimony. Now Father, do not get any ideas and please don’t get your hopes up just yet — I’m just as single as always, so sorry to disappoint. I promise you grandchildren one day, just not any day soon… or even relatively soon. Can we make a deal that I at least finish school first? Okay, great. It’s a deal. Anyhoo, so I have a new discovery I must share with you all that has been introduced to me by a blogger I follow out of Atlanta by the name of Allison Rizk. Allison and I are both admitted concert junkies. However, we also both share the same enjoyment of sharing these outings in our own version of written form. Allison has gained a huge following and I am personally a big fan of her blog, — check it out.

A big congrats is in order, as Allison is currently planning her big day and recently blogged about a new take on wedding videos that has me absolutely mind blown. In fact, this new take has me practically wishing I were the one saying “I do.” So get ready to wrap your mind around this… WEDDING MUSIC VIDEOS!!! Get up off the floor — I know, it’s brilliant, right? Photography and even cinematography are nothing new to the world of weddings, but the refreshing approach Matt Odom and his team at Rock and Roll Hearts bring to documenting clients’ nuptials is something visionary. Having appeared on The Nate Berkus Show, Matt’s services are catching the attention of the industry and couples considering the special factor that’s going to make their wedding day unforgettably unique. Even those who are skeptical to the quirks involved in a non-traditional wedding are raising a brow and beginning to think that it might be worth the chance. After all, these creations are exactly what they’re called: Music Videos — meaning they follow a story and they follow a sequence of events; those events being the unfolding progression of a wedding, beginning to end. While the video is backboned by a conscious and fitting choice of music, it is given life and substance by a very real relationship between two people and their guests. Matt’s leading work with Rock and Roll Hearts continues to find a balance of artistry and precision, which ultimately results in one-of-a-kind productions.

Matt has traveled all over the world shooting weddings, but he also offers what he calls the ‘RRH Wedding Remix’ option. If you arrange to send him the footage that was captured at your wedding, he will work with what you have and the end-product is still a one-of-a-kind keep safe chronicling your big day. Make sure to check out for all of their services when going forward with your wedding plans. Or, if you’re a single gal like me, who appreciates a good ole story of love and tends to geek out on the latest sensation to go viral, then no doubt, you’ll appreciate all of this as well.

And just for kicks: Depending on the type of wedding, and perhaps the type of dude, I’ve made a list of my top three song choices for my RRH music video — theoretically speaking, of course.

  1. Keith Urban – Somebody Like You
  2. Brandi Carlile – The Story
  3. Sugarland – Want To OR Tonight (I can’t seem to pick! Ah!)

Lastly, I’m leaving you all with one of my favorites from Rock and Roll Hearts. This particular music video is from Jess and Chris’ Malibu wedding and the song is “Sweet Disposition” by The Temper Trap. Great band. Enjoy!

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